m. borgerson+photography

I am a student of philosophy and economics at the University of North Dakota. I also participate in the Blue Door Gallery and Studio in downtown Grand Forks. This is my photography, and some thoughts.

When I lost myself, I lost you by extension.

Crumbling foundations.
Emptying the vessels.

Brick by brick 

you helped me build these walls

to keep you out.

You must be working at Shing Ya now? What're you doing there if I may ask?

I make sushi, tuesday nights. 

i have tumblr pro, now what? 

a fucking top hat? 


Autobiographical versa design

Seattle market spice tea makes everything better

Why do I do this to myself?


You can have all the puppy toys in the world, but they’ll still make their way into your bedroom and destroy your cello bow.  

What exactly was it that I was thinking?

Contacts all day make my eyes as red as the devil.